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Your legacy is planting seeds that you will never see flower.
Your legacy is knowing that you’ve done better for the next generation. Your legacy is having the rebellious hope that the actions you take today will create a better society tomorrow

Dame Deborah James

Sebastine (Deborah's Husband) and Ben James (Deborah's Brother) with the co-leads of the Cancer Grand Challenge Team OPTIMASTIC

New £5m commitment looking into early on set bowel cancer 

Earlier this month, Cancer Grand Challenges announced the five teams being awarded £100 million to take on some of cancer’s toughest challenges. The Bowelbabe Fund has committed to giving £5 million over the next five years to one of the teams, PROSPECT, to uncover the reasons behind the global rise in bowel cancer in younger adults.


Early-onset bowel (or colorectal) cancer is a cancer type that’s on the rise – each new generation faces a higher risk of developing early-onset bowel cancer. But it’s not well understood, and we don’t know for sure what’s causing it. The work that team PROSPECT is doing aims to improve our understanding. 

Optimistic 1_edited.jpg

Cancer Grand Challenges - Team OPTIMASITCC

In April 2023 we announced a £1m investment to the OPTIMISTICC Cancer Grand Challenges team who are analysing the microbiome – the trillions of bacteria, viruses and fungi residing in our bodies to find out how these microbes can drive cancer & influence a person’s response to treatment.

Trevor Graham 
Mathematics vs. metastasis:

In April 2023 we announced a £1m investment into discovering how bowel cancer spreads by making detailed measurements of tumours and using advanced mathematics 
to make sense of the data. Being led by Professor Trevor Graham.


Dr Oleg Blyuss

Using AI to detect cancer

In April 2023 we announced a £200k investment into is developing artificial 
intelligence (AI) tools to predict when someone has developed the earliest

signs of bowel, pancreatic or lung cancer


Bowel Cancer UK 
GP Education & Roadshow 

In April 2023 we committed £800k to Bowel Cancer UK to roll out a nationwide health information campaign and GP education programme. Bowel Cancer UK is determined to improve that by creating and delivering an impactful awareness programme


Royal Marsden
Cancer Charity - IR Machine

In April 2023 we announced a £1m investment IR uses imaging techniques to treat cancer in a minimally invasive way. Often used as an alternative to surgery, imaging methods such as real-time x-rays, ultrasound, CT or MRI scanning, are used to guide treatment directly to the cancer site.

CRUK Naser Turabi Oct23 (2).JPG

Cancer Research UK
Test, Edvience and Transiton

We're supporting Cancer Research UK’s pioneering ‘Test Evidence Transition’ (TET) programme, which aims to improve bowel cancer diagnosis for everyone across the UK and ultimately, save more lives.

The Fund will be providing £1m of the £1.9m of the two-year programme.

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