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Bowel cancer awareness roadshows and primary care education with Bowel Cancer UK

Nearly four in ten (38%) people in the UK can't name a single symptom of bowel cancer, despite the disease being the UK's fourth most common cancer.


Bowel Cancer UK is determined to improve that by creating and delivering an impactful awareness programme. We’ll roll out volunteer-led talks and a comprehensive awareness roadshow travelling the length and breadth of the UK, talking about bowel cancer risk, signs, symptoms, and the importance of screening. We’ll prioritise talking to older adults who don’t take part in screening, younger people with symptoms, people living in areas of social deprivation, and areas where people are less likely to survive a diagnosis of bowel cancer. 

Alongside the awareness roadshows, we’ll help GPs and pharmacy staff across the UK to confidently have those all-important conversations with people about bowel cancer.  By create e-learning modules, webinars, and face to face learning sessions we’ll build their knowledge on symptoms to look out for, risk factors, and the best way of ruling bowel cancer out first, and fast.

Funding from the Bowelbabe Fund will have a huge impact in communities hardest hit by poorer bowel cancer outcomes. It will also ensure we can support GPs to make swifter decisions and better referrals for diagnostic tests - or, put another way, to help them find those needles in the haystacks more quickly.

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Bowel Cancer UK team outside an inflatable bowel
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