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New, advanced IR X-Ray machine at The Royal Marsden, offering enhanced imaging resolution that will allow more patients to be treated due to its advanced features.


Interventional radiology (IR) was an important part of Dame Deborah’s treatment at The Royal Marsden. IR uses imaging techniques to treat cancer in a minimally invasive way. Often used as an alternative to surgery, imaging methods such as real-time x-rays, ultrasound, CT or MRI scanning, are used to guide treatment directly to the cancer site.


The precision achieved dramatically reduces side effects and minimises damage to other organs and tissue located near tumours. The Bowelbabe Fund is pleased to be supporting the installation of a new, advanced IR X-Ray machine at The Royal Marsden, allowing them to continue to offer the most innovative treatment for even more cancer patients. It will also help support research at the hospital to help develop advanced targeted therapies for cancer.

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